Oliver's Hat By Sandra Manson form Jamieson and Smith: A Shetland Story

Oliver's Hat Kit

  • £28.00

Choose from one of two colour ways to make this close-fitting hat from Jamieson & Smith's undid Shetland Supreme jumper weight yarn. This hat designed by Sandra Manson, with its beautiful crown, is from Jamieson & Smith: A Shetland Story (book available here - the pattern is NOT included in the price of this kit).


Circumference: 57cm / 22in

Yarns in the kit

Jamieson & Smith Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight (100% Real Shetland wool, 172m / 188yds; 50g)

Colourway 1 (dark background)
Yuglet (Shade 2009) x1
Shetland Black (2005) x1
Moorit (2004) x1
Sholmit (2007) x1
Katmollet (2008) x1

Colourway 2  (light background)
Gaulmogot (2006) x1
Shetland Black (2005) x1
Moorit (2004) x1
Sholmit (2007) x1

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