Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide No. 5 Sequences

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Sequence knitting is an approach that was devised by Cecelia Campochiaro, and was explored in depth in her book of the same name. This Field Guide provides a brief introduction to the main types of sequence knitting, as well as four patterns to demonstrate the ideas.

Sequence knitting is all the things Mason-Dixon Knitting loves: it’s relaxing, meditative, with a spark of cleverness to keep us changing things up, experimenting. In a word, fun.

This volume contains 4 patterns by Cecelia Campochiaro, as well as essays by Kay and Ann and an interview with Cecelia.

Corrugated Shawl uses sport weight yarn (approx 1296m)
Parallelogram Scarf uses 4ply yarn (approx 786m)
Swirl Hat uses sport weight yarn (approx 183m)
Freak Flags uses 4ply yarn (approx 630m makes 14 flags)

Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guides are little books that explore the big world of knitting, with patterns and stories to inspire the curious knitter.

Each book contains a code to allow you to add a copy to your library on Ravelry. It is not possible to add this automatically from our checkout.

Editor/Creative Director: Melanie Falick
Graphic Designer: Will Brady
Photographer: Sara Remington
Photostylist: Alessandra Mortola
Technical Editor: Sue McCain

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