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Hunter Hammersen's latest book, Firmament is testament to what happens when you're having fun with your knitting and you just run with it – namely a whole heap more fun! Firmament brings together hat patterns and some incredibly clever stitch patterns, to explore a set of beautiful stitch patterns that Hunter has dubbed dip-slip stitches. These are the sort of projects where finishing one just leaves you wanting to cast on the next...

Firmament contains:

  • Four hat patterns, each written in at least five sizes and four gauges to fit a huge range of people and work with most any weight of yarn
  • Instructions on how to create these stitches and how to start experimenting with designing your own versions of them
  • A mini stitch dictionary with alternate versions of the stitches used in the hats
  • All the info you need to turn any of the hat patterns into cowl patterns
  • A quick guide to everything I wish you knew about hats
  • A quick primer on reading charts

Each copy of Firmament also includes a download code allowing you to add an ebook copy to your Ravelry library (it is not available to add automatically at our checkout).

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