Cocoknits Flight of Stitch Markers

  • £25.00

Only 8 left!

For all your stitch marker tasting needs! This gorgeous set of 120 stitch markers is one of the most pleasing products I've ever needed for my knitting.

Nestled in a beautiful, magnetically sealed box, you will find 5 mini kraft tubes of stitch markers. Each style of marker comes in a soft rainbow of 6 colours – thus giving you a selection of markers for every situation.

The set includes small, medium and large ring markers (no snagging on your yarn), a set of triangular markers that are perfect for use next to a yarn over (the yarn over won't slip to the wrong side of these), and the brand new split ring markers (perfect for marking increases, decreases, or the "right side" of a garter stitch project).

Wine flights are fun, but this flight of stitch markers won't give you a headache the next morning... quite the opposite! This set would make a brilliant present for any knitter.

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