Betty Mouat Cowl by Kate Davies

BMC (Betty Mouat Cowl) Kit

  • £51.50

This kit includes the yarn to create your own BMC (Betty Mouat Cowl), designed by Kate Davies. Buy the pattern in the book Happit here.

Instructions are given for 3 sizes of cowl: small, medium (pictured) and large. Circumferences of the three sizes are as follows:
Small 62.5cm [24.5in] 
Medium 152cm [60in]
Large 231cm [91in]

All three cowls require a skein in each of 9 shades of Socks Yeah! 4ply, and this quantity of yarn is enough to make one cowl in each of the 3 sizes.

Original colourway
CoopKnits Socks Yeah! 4 ply (75% wool; 25% nylon; 231 yards / 211 metres per 50g skein). 1 skein of each of the following shades:
A Benitoite; B Iolite; C Topaz; D Ruby; E Peridot; F Danburite; G Beryl; H Sugilite; I Kunzite.

Image © Kate Davies Designs.

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