Changes due to Covid-19

We’re mostly confined to home for the foreseeable future, but we are (for now) still able to accept and send out orders. To keep our/others’ potential exposure to Covid-19 to a minimum, we’re taking sensible precautions.

Our office is closed, except for the sole purpose of sending out orders. This will be down to just 2 days a week: Mondays and Thursdays. I can get to the office, pack orders, and get them into the postal system without needing to have face-to-face contact with another person. Furthermore, to minimise the risk of my passing anything on, I am following similar procedures to food prep while packing: washing hands before I start, wiping down work surfaces before handling anything, and wearing gloves as an extra measure.

International postage will be limited to tracked only for the time being. It is likely that there will be disruption, or slower service than usual, so we want to give you reassurance as to where your parcel is.

In the event of prolonged disruption to postal services, or even more stringent regulations from the UK government, we will of course change our working practices to reflect the new situation.