Strickmich! Knitting Inventions

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Easy and relaxing, very few purl stitches or complicated techniques, suitable for colourful yarns with fun original constructions – that’s what makes Martina Behm’s knitting patterns special. In “Strickmich! Knitting Inventions” she has gathered 20 of her designs that are departures from the traditional ways of making shawls, hats or cowls: “Hitchhiker” is one of the most popular knitting designs around the world and became the blueprint for a whole new family of knitted shawls. Other inventive constructions, like those of “Nuvem” and “Match & Move”, can be found in many other knitting patterns today.

Martina’s designs are perfect for beginners and those who return to knitting after a long break – and for everyone who likes their knitting easy but clever!

In this book you will find 18 well known and loved designs by Martina Behm plus 2 new ones:

  • Hitchhiker
  • Nuvem
  • Viajante
  • Matchmaker
  • Match & Move
  • Tensfield (requires 1 ball Gradient)
  • Rose Candy
  • Easy (requires 1 Zauberball)
  • Hitchhiker Beyond
  • Tough & Toasty
  • Wolkig
  • Green Light Shawl
  • Ecken + Kanten (requires 1 Zauberball)
  • Loops
  • Puerto Montt (could use 2 x Zauberball)
  • Lupino (NEW)
  • Spiral Escape
  • Strider
  • Berry Skies
  • Setting Sun (NEW)

All Photos © Martina Behm 

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