Oorik Tank Top Kit

  • £13.75

This kit provides you with the yarn you will need to make the Oorik Tank Top by Mary Jane Mucklestone from A Year of Techniques. A Year of Techniques is available separately as an ebook, or a print book.

Choose your colour combination and size from the dropdown menu. Small (to fit 6 months) and medium (12 months) kits will only contain 1 ball of the blue shade and large (24 months) kits 2 balls.

The shades for the kits are:


2ply Jumper Weight 9144 (pink), 66 (yellow), FC15 mix (blue)
Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight 2006 Gaulmogot (2006)


2ply Jumper Weight 9144 (pink), 66 (yellow), FC34 mix (turquoise)
Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight 2006 Gaulmogot (2006)

Grey background / Green peerie

2ply Jumper Weight FC15 mix (blue), 28 (dark yellow), 29 mix (green), 203 (grey)

Jim's Pick

2ply Jumper Weight 203 (grey), 29 mix (green), FC34 mix (turquoise), 28 (dark yellow)

Jen's Pick

2ply Jumper Weight 202 (biscuit), 133 mix (purple), FC50 (light purple), 72 mix (pink)

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